Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Camera?

With a boyfriend who is a camera nerd/expert, I've really liked playing with his Canon 30D.. so I'm saving up for my own Canon Rebel T3i. As of now though, in addition to my food pictures, I've also taken some other random ones as well. :) You can view them here. Enjoy! I hope you like them, because I sure do

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Not really sure who reads these anymore... but here goes.

I'm currently in one of the nicest cities in Vietnam, Nha Trang. It resembles the Vietnamese paradise and is filled with tourists - Europeans, Australians, Northern and Southern Vietnamese. Traveling with tons of family, also meaning at least 4 kids per family. No joke, they reproduce like rabbits here. And all these little rabbits love to go on computers and play games on the internet. Every single internet cafe is filled with them. Even with Facebook blocked, they're all over the computers. The weather is nice enough that people still take advantage of the sun and go out and play on the beach, despite the fact of not wanting to become tan. 5 o clock rolls around and the locals are out frolicking in the sand.

Today we went to this island resort called Vinpearl. Check it out! There's an amusement park, water park, beach, lots of food, etc. The indoor games included an arcade with a 4D cinema. It was alright, but the idea of 4D seems pretty neat. Had some fun with bumper cars, yes of course, I picked on the little kids and bumped the brains out of the cars. The water park had some pretty scary slides... the first one we went on had this huge toilet-bowl like ending that was kind of dangerous. After that I chickened out on some slides such as the "Tsunami," which is where you ride an inner tube on this huge water ramp thing that went back and forth. Scary. Lazy river, some more easy going slides and called it a day. Hit the beach and the sand was so smooth and the water was so clear. Not as nice as Hawaii, but still one of the nicest beaches in VN. Ate some food then headed back. I'm stuffed silly.

9 more days of Vietnam, to be honest... I'm pretty ready to go back home. It's been a really long vacation and it's a little too much family time. I'm actually ready to hit the books and study for my PCATs. At least I can enjoy watching Wimbledon and some random things on TV like HIMYM, and American movies. Also, thank goodness for wifi here!

Vietnamese people are pretty rude, they crowd, and never wait in line. They always cut, beware if you come here! However, there are some out there that are quite nice. There are lots of geckos, lizards and cockroaches here. Found one in our hotel room this morning and freaked! It was large and in charge. Barely anybody drives cars. It's all mopeds and honking. They barely use napkins, but rather restaurants give individually packaged mini moist towels, costing about 10-20 cents each. They also won't clean your hotel room unless you put the sign out. You also have to give them your room key when you leave, luckily they have a safe here. I'm still getting eaten alive by all the bugs, cmon bug spray, help a girl out.

Weather's great, but I miss home, my friends, and my somebody.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm feeling more and more alone...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

You clearly have no idea what I go through... how much I'm really in this alone. Not only do I never have enough time, but I really get left out and forgotten. You'd think being in this area there are always people around to talk to, but for me... I think they just forget.
I haven't actually eaten a decent meal and they ask why? Obviously, I don't have time. I need to get rest in order to not mistakes at work because in the end - it could be deadly. Handing the wrong medicine to a patient? Yeah... need I say more?
I'm just ranting a little bit, but you don't realize how much I go through.. and to be honest, I don't think you even care.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Serious focus time...

I still think I care a little more.


Monday, April 18, 2011


The thing about weekends are that they are too short. With 3 tests in the next two days, it's killer. What's worse is that your boyfriend comes up the weekend when you're the busiest.:( Kind of poop when you just want to spend time with him.

Stressing. Studying for this test is like studying for a final, no joke.

Then Sundays are the worst realizing it's all over and that you have a huge test the next day... worst of all, he has to go home to reality :(

Waiting for the day that it'll be easier.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Last night, I had this ridiculous dream about my turtle. Apparently he is a she and she was popping out babies like no other! She was having tons of babies, like how humans give birth, not through eggs or anything. Her babies were really tiny though! Somehow they were managing to grow into adults very fast though. So I had to put all of them into cages so they wouldn't run away (this was all done in the laundry room). I also have about 10+ different types of cages! I had to put all of them away pretty fast, some where as small as dimes with barely a hard shell. I managed to put all of them in cages... and I guess I woke up!

Hello lazy Sunday.. doing nothing but homework.. err trying to..